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Chubb Agent Portal

Centralized, Personalized, Revolutionized

Chubb Agent Portal provides a personalized homepage; a seamless way to view all your business with Chubb; and convenient access to all of your Chubb applications.

We are proud to provide a wide variety of complementary digital solutions that allow your agency or brokerage to service your clients better, faster, and more efficiently. We are continuously investing in technology to deliver solutions for your most frequent requests: real-time transaction processing and 24/7 access to policy, claims, and billing information. Our portal can interface with third-party agency management systems to allow you to manage information across different carriers in one central location.

Online tools
Online tools

Access our digital solutions

Grow and manage your business with us using our online platforms.

Quote Features

Quote, bind and modify

Business lines

  • Cargo certificate issuance 
    Create cargo certificates and record shipping activity and storage exposures.
  • Cyber Central℠
    The ideal tool for commercial agents and brokers who are quoting Cyber, Technology E&O, and Miscellaneous Professional Liability coverage on stand-alone basis. It’s designed to save you time while quoting business, serve up qualified leads, and make it easier for you to engage with your clients.  
  • Chubb marketplace (small business)
    Offers a quick and easy way to quote, issue and service small business accounts — including the Chubb BOP, Cyber, The ForeFront Portfolio management liability coverages, ProERM, Umbrella & Workers' Compensation.
  • Chubb surety marketplace (CSM)
    Quickly submit, issue and renew commercial surety bonds online. We offer a broad range of bond forms across all 50 states. Each form is configured for same-day execution.
  • TankSafe®: Environmental liability
    A fully automated, Internet-based system that provides commercial underground and aboveground storage tank insurance.
  • Individual travel accident (passport 360/travel 365)
    Create individual travel accident quotes for new lines and endorsements.
  • u•writer℠ 
    Obtain a rate, quote or binder for contractors’ equipment, builders’ risk and/or motor truck legal liability insurance. In addition, u•writer allows you to process renewals and print quote letters, binders and client invoices.
  • Westchester FastTrack
    A fully automated policy quote and issuance platform for a wide variety of Westchester products.
  • WORLDcert™
    This state-of-the-art, interactive clinical trial insurance quote and certificate management system assures your life science or clinical research organization of fast, accurate documentation.





Personal lines

  • Group personal excess 
    Submit a new application, manage enrollment for New Lines, Renewals and Endorsements, and retrieve Certificates of Insurance.
  • Masterpiece EZ quote
    Create quote(s) and modify policies in our new, easy to use application.
  • Masterpiece real-time 
    Create Masterpiece quotes for new lines and endorsements.
  • ORCA 
    Obtain real-time quotes for Recreational Marine insurance with the ability to bind and issue 24/7.
  • PLS 
    Create Platinum Portfolio quotes for new lines and endorsements.
  • Individual Travel Accident (Passport 360/Travel 365)
    Create individual travel accident quotes for new lines and endorsements.
Service Features

Account Servicing Solutions

Business lines

  • Business loss runs 
    Easily obtain loss run reports including the number of losses as well as loss and payment details. You can obtain loss information on individual policies or an entire account, 24/7, and select to look back three years or five years.
  • Direct bill info center*
    View or reprint your customer’s Business Lines Direct Bill account and policy billing, including payment details, installments and pending cancellations.
  • Policy view* 
    View PDFs of policy transactions for your clients’ Commercial and Financial Lines insurance programs.
  • Worldview®
    Allows users to monitor the status of their Chubb Multinational and U.S. Domestic Large Account programs in real-time from an easy-to-navigate and interactive home screen.

Personal lines

  • Client catastrophe tracker
    View snapshot of major catastrophes along with client locations.
  • Client lookup
    The Client Lookup's client dashboard provides policy, billing, claims, and assessment information for the policies in a client’s household. You can also generate Proof of Insurance, access insurance ID cards, upload documents, create a Client Portal account, and pay a bill on behalf of the client.

Report a Loss* (Business & Personal)

Submit a loss while on the phone with a client and immediately provide them with a claims reference number which automatically cedes into your agency management system for future reference.

Sales Features

Sales Support Solutions

Business lines

  • Building valuation system
    This tool from Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MS/B) helps assess the value of a commercial building. The robust application provides detailed, up-to-date commercial valuation data in an easy-to-use format.
  • Business income consultation
    This digital tool will help you calculate the right amount of insurance, to ensure your clients’ business can survive the interruption of operations and the loss of income. Learn more at www.chubb.com/mybi.
  • Mid-Market agent resource center
    This one-stop-shop provides you with a variety of digital tools and co-branded resources to grow your business across the middle market. (www.chubb.com/rediscover)
  • Mid-Market web app
    Easily access appetite and resources across nearly 30 industry practices and 70 products. (www.chubb.com/appetiteapp)

Personal lines

  • Agent marketing center
    All Chubb Personal Risk Services marketing materials together in one place.
  • Cross-sell admin
    Select individuals within your agency or brokerage can choose to provide your clients the ability to purchase some coverages directly.
  • My resources
    A library of reference materials including Contact List, System Announcements, Marketing, Forms & Letters, State Information, and Systems & Training Information.

Portal learning center (Business & Personal)
Access training videos and user guides.


“Discover Chubb Agent Portal” informative brochures

Agency Management Solutions
Agency Management Solutions

Agency billing statements

Access monthly agency billing statements for agency billed policies. View billing summary information or view and print monthly statements.

Direct deposit of commissions

Access to enroll agency codes in direct deposit for receipt of direct bill commission payments via electronic funds transfer (ACH).

Direct bill commission statements

Access monthly direct bill commission statements for direct billed policies. View commission summary information or view and print monthly statements.

Resend policy downloads

Request download resends, review recent download transactions, and more.

Claims Features

Claims & risk management solutions

Business lines

  • ChubbWorks 
    Offers convenient access to comprehensive EPL loss prevention tools, including model employment policies, procedures and forms, and more.
  • Dimensions
    A risk management information system designed for companies with a sizeable cost of risk that demand direct and timely access to their loss information, Dimensions empowers users to better monitor and manage claims programs, reducing overall costs.
  • Risk engineering resource center
    The Risk Engineering Resource Center contains hundreds of risk management best practices and technical resources to help mitigate and minimize a company’s risk.

Personal lines

  • Locate a Chubb claim vendor
    Provides access to pre-approved home and auto service providers.
  • Report a claim
    Chubb's online claim reporting application provides a simple, easy-to-use online solution.

ClaimView* (Business & Personal)
Provide your clients with detailed information about their claim status within 24 hours of an update, including certain adjuster notes. The check inquiry feature allows you to view detailed claim check payment information on third party liability and first-party claims within 24 hours of the claim check issuance.

Download Features

Download & upload solutions

Business lines

  • Commercial lines policy download 
    Populate your agency management system with the latest detail within two days of when a transaction occurs. For Small Business: Commercial Auto, BOP, Umbrella and Worker’s Compensation policies available. For Mid-Market Commercial: Commercial Auto.
  • Commercial PaperFree
    Provides agencies and brokers with electronic versions of all transactions that typically generate paper, including new lines, renewals, rewrites, endorsements, audits, cancellations and more. Most Commercial and Financial Lines products and policy types are included via IVANs. FAQs

Personal lines

  • Personal lines policy download 
    Populate your agency management system with the latest detail within two days of when a transaction occurs.
  • Rate request (applied) and quote request (vertafore)* 
    Also known as Upload and available for Homes and Auto, this capability enables you to have policy information from your Applied or Vertafore agency management system bridged directly into Masterpiece® Real-Time.

Business Lines Enrollment Form
Personal Lines Enrollment Form

Claims download 
Daily downloads of your claims detail will keep you on top of your customers’ claims activities, including first notice of loss and claims status updates.

Claims activity & notes 
Works with Transact Now for updates every two hours (Vertafore only).

Direct bill commission download 
Update your agency management system with your Monthly Commission Statements, allowing you to reconcile your agency records with Chubb’s quickly and easily.

Administrative Features

Administrative solutions

Access management portal

The reimagined Access Management Portal provides a fast and easy way for Agency Administrators to create and manage users. The agency or brokerage designates an Agency Administrator (through their local Chubb representative), who then has the authority to create, edit, and revoke user IDs and passwords for its employees.

Find agency administrator

Located on the Help tab in the burger menu Chubb contacts and help, this feature allows users to quickly find an Agency Administrator to contact to request access to additional tools, services, or agency codes in the Agent Portal.

Forgot User ID

Located under the login box, this application allows users to quickly receive their forgotten or misplaced user ID via registered email address.

Forgot your password

Located under the login box, this application allows users to quickly reset their locked or forgotten passwords via registered email address.

* This solution is also available real-time via some agency management systems.

Contact Us
Contact Us

Need help accessing Chubb Agent Portal or with other technical issues, contact our help desks:

  • Personal and Accident & Health agents, please contact Agency Support at 1-866-324-8222, option #1, or send an email to agencysupport@chubb.com
  • Small business agents, please contact the Small Business Help Desk at 1-800-664-8514, or send an email to SmallBizHelpDesk@chubb.com
  • Business and Accident & Healthy agents, please contact the eBusiness Help Desk at 1-877-747-5266, option #2, or send an email to ebusinesshelp@chubb.com

For other information related to Chubb Agent Portal, please contact:

Rebecca Gough
Vice President – Digital Agent Experience
Chubb North America Field Operations