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Cyber Insurance

With our long history in cyber insurance, Chubb’s tailored products and resources — and our signature financial strength — will help protect you in the ever-changing risk landscape of today’s data-based world.

Cyber Services
Cyber Services

We help you mitigate exposures and reduce risk before a cyber incident happens

No matter how well insured you are, it’s better to prevent disruptive and undesirable cyber incidents before they happen. As a policyholder, we offer services that can assist with incident response preparation, staying ahead of software vulnerability exploits, improving your front-line defenses, and assist in potentially preventing malicious activity from entering and spreading in your network. 

Cyber Products
Cyber Products

Get protection against costly cyber incidents

Cyber attacks, systems outages, and even employee mistakes can wreak havoc on your data security, your computerized processes, your business reputation — and your bottom line. To mitigate the potentially devastating damage of cyber exposures, Chubb offers a full suite of integrated insurance solutions that can be tailored to your business needs.

Cyber Resources

Leverage our resources and insights to understand and mitigate your cyber risks

Preparing companies for the new SEC Cyber Regulations

Navigating the dynamic realm of risk and regulation is increasingly demanding for public companies, especially with the rising cyber reporting requirements. As of December 18, 2023, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandates that publicly traded companies report cyber breaches within four business days. Understand the resources policyholders have to address cyber incidents.  

A Better Way to Define and Insure Systemic Cyber Events

The potential for a catastrophic cyber attack causing widespread damage at a significant cost is broadly discussed but not yet fully understood. Mike Kessler, Division President of Global Cyber Risk addresses how most companies have been working to improve their cyber resilience and what the insurance industry has been developing to manage these risks. 

Chubb Cyber Index®

Evaluate how current cyber threats may impact your business with real-time, Chubb-proprietary trend, industry, and cost data, and the ability to create customized reports. 

Cyber COPE Insurance Certification℠ (CCIC)

Chubb developed this signature cyber risk management program — in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University — to enable agents and brokers to become high-performing, trusted cyber risk advisors to their clients. 

Cyber Insurance Claims Scenarios

Drawn from actual claims, these scenarios demonstrate the breadth of potential cyber incidents and how Chubb Claims helped policyholders after an event.

Cyber Insights

From cyber security tips to international regulations to emerging risks — our cyber insurance professionals keep our clients informed.

Cyber Insurance Quotes
Cyber Insurance Quotes

For businesses seeking cyber insurance coverage

Chubb provides you with tailored cyber protection — including valuable mitigation resources.

For agents & brokers looking to obtain a cyber quote for a client

If interested in multi-line product quotes including cyber, visit our multi-line quoting platform, Chubb Marketplace® here.

If interested in an express lane cyber quoting experience, visit our new cyber centric quoting platform, Cyber Central℠ here.

For businesses seeking cyber insurance coverage

Chubb provides you with tailored cyber protection — including valuable mitigation resources — backed by superior financial strength.

Why Chubb?
Why Chubb?

Expertise and financial strength

For decades we’ve been on the forefront of technology and cyber insurance. Our longevity, deep subject and industry expertise and financial strength are the reasons why 95% of Fortune 1000 companies are Chubb insured. 

Commitment to education

In a world of rapidly evolving cyber exposures, we are committed to sharing critical data through our various platforms — Chubb Cyber Index®, Chubb Cyber COPE Certification℠ Program¸ Chubb Vulnerability Alert System, Chubb Cyber Risk Advisors Team or Cyber Risk Report — to help you mitigate existing and emerging risks.

Beyond risk transfer

Purchasing cyber insurance from Chubb is a great first step to protect your organization. But protection doesn’t end there. When you purchase cyber insurance through us, you have access to essential mitigation tools, including several complimentary offerings, as well as advisory resources for incident response solutions, vulnerability management, endpoint solutions and user security & awareness to help your organization see ahead, be ahead and stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape. 

Incident response

Chubb understands not all events can be avoided. When something does occur, our cyber policies provide an expert panel of incident response services providers for our clients. These specialists are available 24/7/365 via our Chubb Cyber Alert℠ app or toll-free hotline. 

We’re available 24/7 for our clients.

Policyholders can call our hotline at 800-817-2665 or use Chubb’s Cyber Alert® app, which puts instant reporting and response services at your fingertips.