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Chubb is experienced with the unique insurance needs of professional services and business consulting firms of all sizes and offers tailored products and services to meet those needs.

Manage Professional Services & Business Consultant Risks

If something goes wrong, how effective is your insurance protection? Consider the following scenarios:

  • A management consulting firm makes recommendations that fail to deliver results the client expected.
  • An accounting firm’s network is hacked, resulting in theft of personal data.
  • A fire at a graphic design firm causes damage to the building, equipment and personal property.
    An employee sues his firm, alleging discrimination and harassment.
  • A consultant is injured while traveling overseas on assignment.

Discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, bullying—charges or litigation against a company on these and other grounds can be brought by past, present or prospective employees, resulting in potentially costly settlements or judgments and legal bills.


Seeking insurance for a consulting, law, or professional services firm?

We can help with that.