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Add insurance to your customers’ itinerary with ease

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Chubb’s integrated travel insurance builds bespoke solutions to increase your revenue and add value to your customers.

Your customers want a smooth trip. A Chubb partnership can help give them that peace of mind, while also giving you ancillary revenue. A global leader in travel insurance, Chubb is powering safe travel through our integrated insurance solutions.

Whether it’s a banking app offering car insurance when it sees a charge from a partnering rental company, or an airline offering baggage coverage in-app, or a digital wallet offering health coverage for international travelers. This level of care and customization shows your clients you have their back and can benefit your bottom line.

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Coverage highlights

We work with our partners to co-create coverage for a broad range of travel-related risks, including

Trip delay coverage

Offer riders a voucher if their driver is late or cancels.

Baggage coverage

Give your passengers confidence that their bags are being taken care of without any inconvenience.


Medical evacuation

Let your customers know they’ll be taken care of even if they get sick abroad.


Political evacuation

Help your travelers feel safe no matter the political climate of their destination.


Rental car insurance

We can build coverage into the rental experience, helping protect your fleet, realize new revenue, and keep customers safe.


 And much more

Chubb partnerships are all about working with you to build the kind of insurance your customers might need. Get in touch and let’s figure out how we can help your business.

Case study
Case study

Travel insurance made easy: Yettel Bulgaria’s

Yettel Bulgaria is a technology communications company that connects over 3 million customers to people, devices and businesses. It is part of PPF Telecom Group and operates in Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia. It was formerly known as Telenor Bulgaria until 2022.

Our Approach
Our Approach

Why Chubb?

Between our experience partnering with travel companies, and our long history in the insurance industry, we can help you stay a step ahead of your customers' needs and increase your revenues.

We know your world

Travel moves fast and so do we. Our global reach means we can help protect travelers all over the globe, no matter how they get from point A to point B.

We get you up and running

Get insurance to go, digitally packaged up for you and your customers, by our internal IT team at Chubb Studio.

We fulfill your vision

It's our goal to help you achieve your goals by developing tailored insurance solutions on your terms.

We care about your customers

We take the time to understand your customers so we can help you take better care of your customers, with the right financial protection at the right time.


Scalable. Seamless. Secure

Chubb Studio, our in-house tech hub, powers our partnerships. We integrate what we do into what you do. We'll provide everything you need to offer the best service, from microsites to widgets and API integration.


4 reasons to add embedded insurance to your business model

Get in touch
Get in touch

Ready to partner?

If you’re ready to grow your business with embedded insurance the next steps are easy. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you a demo of how we can enhance your business. We’ll work together to find the best solutions for you and your customers, then have you up and running quickly.

Welcome to Chubb Partnerships

The next steps are easy—just get in touch and we’ll show you how we can enhance what you already do by finding the best insurance solutions for your customers.